Why Us?

Each day people across America reach out to us to find quality evidence-based nutritional, and lifestyle providers. People today are looking to find quality professionals to best serve their needs. After seeing the high demand, we recently created a team called The Health Coach Providers to create partnerships with trusted health care professionals around the country to help fulfill this great need.

Our goal is to help people like you get the nutritional and lifestyle–based help that they need with their health. Today, many count on us to help them locate certain lifestyle health care professionals that they can trust.

“So, why is that?”

At the Healthy Lifestyle Providers, our provider team believes in finding trustworthy and competent natural and wellness-based providers to best serve your needs. We realize it can be very challenging and frustrating. There are too many unfulfilled promises and lack in quality of care. We realized that you could have better health care choices. We wanted each individual to be able to quickly find an accomplished wellness professional they can trust. A lifestyle professional that gives the same helpful quality of care and information our clients expect to hear from health media hosts each day on the radio and television. We also wanted these carefully selected lifestyle professionals to be held accountable by members of our qualified team for quality control.

This program started out as a service for one city has now grown to help many across the nation. People love our simple process and the high caliber professionals we connect them with.

We have gladly partnered with these professionals because we know our listeners depend on us to provide reliable, trustworthy health coaches that provide exceptional customer service. We take that responsibility seriously and proudly deliver it every day.


Being a Healthy Lifestyle Provider is enjoyable to be able to serve so many people each day. Healthy Lifestyle Providers have great levels of integrity and hold themselves to a higher standard of excellence. Our endorsement, and our selection process is not bought — it’s through their proven years of integrity. We have trained staff that interviews potential health care providers several times and provide support to help them serve you by maintaining a high quality of care and standards of excellence.

We also make sure that every Healthy Lifestyle Provider is someone you feel comfortable talking to and is a professional you can trust. We also evaluate the performance of all Healthy Lifestyle Providers every month to make sure we suggest you to the best wellness professional possible.

Healthy Lifestyle Providers give great personal service and are easy to understand
We’ve made sure our Healthy Lifestyle Providers really do have the ability to provide you the same nutritional and lifestyle-based principles and philosophy that we are known for. They are carefully screened to provide you with top-notch customer service. Everyone likes to feel like they have been listened to and their health challenge matters. Our Healthy Lifestyle Providers make every effort to personally work with every radio and television fan and create a friendship that lasts.

The Healthy Lifestyle Provider Program is designed to help you achieve extraordinary health. It's simple, if this program didn't benefit you, we wouldn't do it. We're always looking for the best people who think alike to help our listeners.