Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you simply give me a list of Healthy Lifestyle Providers instead of asking me for my personal information?

Great question and one we get often! First, we do not share your contact information with anyone other than for your privacy. Second, by giving us your contact information, we are able to ensure that you receive the highest level of personal service as we communicate with our Healthy Lifestyle Providers regarding your challenges effectively. In the rare occasion that a problem arises, we can verify which Healthy Lifestyle Provider you are working with and hold them accountable. Your information also lets us know which areas need additional Healthy Lifestyle Providers to help meet the your best needs.

Why are there only certain Healthy Lifestyle Provider categories? I would like to suggest a new Healthy Lifestyle Provider category.

Our Healthy Lifestyle Provider program began with only certain natural and lifestyle-based providers to help listeners find local wellness care professionals. By popular demand, we added new Healthy Lifestyle Provider categories. As our team continues to grow, adding new categories will certainly come. We currently have plans to add additional Healthy Lifestyle Provider categories as the need arises. So please send us your suggestions!

How do you select your Healthy Lifestyle Providers?

We are always accepting applications for the Healthy Lifestyle Provider program. When there is a new opportunity in an area, we will contact the applicants and interview them to determine if they have the qualifications we seek. We look for professionals who meet the following requirements:

  • Have a desire to teach and inspire others
  • Put the person’s needs first
  • Agree to help people based on nutrition and lifestyle-based philosophy and principles

Each Healthy Lifestyle Provider program category has additional requirements appropriate to those professions.

Healthy Lifestyle Providers Are Required:

  • Willing to serve every level as they are allowed by their licensure or certification
  • Must be practicing in their respective field full-time for 5 years
  • Has a proven history in providing care and character in the community
  • Must have an amazing follow-up approach to maintain the highest in quality of care
  • Must be willing to provide quality health information based on evidence-based nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle-based principles.